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If you're worried you may have COVID-19, please call ahead to your healthcare provider for an assessment.


Call the Utah Coronavirus Information Line: 1-800-456-7707.


For on-going information and points of action, check these websites:

Utah Specific


Current Workplace, School, and Home Guidance:


Official social media channels have also been established to make sharing information easier:

    • Twitter - @UtahCoronavirus
    • Facebook - @utahcoronavirus


We've set a 2020 citywide preparedness goal for every household to create a 72-hour emergency kit by the end of the year. Please participate with us and get your kit done! If you already have one, be sure it's updated! Here are suggestions for a kit from Be Utah Ready: 

Lindon Prepared
—A City Hall Lecture Series:

  • Thurs, Mar 26, 7PM – Planning for Hospital Patients, Elder Care, Group Homes, Little Kids, and Special Needs
  • Thurs, May 21, 7PM – Mass Casualty Response in a Big Disaster
  • Thurs, July 16, 7PM – School Evacuations and Reunification Plans: What to Expect as Parents, Teachers, Students
  • Thurs, Sept 17, 7PM – Public Input Request: Drill Feedback and 2021 Planning Meeting
  • Thurs, Nov 19, 7PM – Mental Health Preparedness and Mental Health First Aid


Other Important Dates!

  • Saturday, August 22, 12PM – Citywide Block Captain Training Meeting & Potluck Lunch (Community Center)
  • Mon, Sept 14, 6PM – Lindon City Drill
  • *TBD: dates for Preparedness Fair(s)

Community Preparedness Opportunities!

MARCH 10:  Register by March 10 to help with Operation Slick Rock in Moab, any day or multi-day from March 20-28.

This is an opportunity for individuals or groups to travel to Moab to volunteer with a clearing project led by Team Rubicon. Volunteers will be "swamping," stacking wood and dragging brush. Team Rubicon is working with other Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs) to provide a Red Cross shelter for sleeping, showers, and meals. This is a great chance to observe or be a part of a multi-agency response.




MARCH 13-14:  Be Ready Utah Expo


$5/day, $9/two-days, 12 & under FREE


MARCH 16: Cedar Hills Preparedness Expo

Free Registration:


MARCH 19:  CERT Refresher Course! in Lindon!

"A Review of the New CERT Curriculum" 

Lindon Community Center, 6:30PM

Register here!

It's FREE, but this helps the organizers count seats.


MARCH 20-28: Operation Slick Rock-  Moab, Utah

Observe the operation or help swamp, for a few hours up to multi-day.

You can choose to stay at a Red Cross shelter with showers/meals or take your own trailer.


APRIL 16: The Great Utah ShakeOut

Utah is earthquake country:

See what is happening around the state and register to participate in the Great Utah ShakeOut. 

Lindon will be exercising communications on April 16: ham radio integration with the county and Block Captain text capacity.


May 8-9: Utah Valley Hamfest & Disaster Communication


$25/admit one or $40/family pass



In Orem:

In Provo: